Rangwasa Jaivik Gram Sansthan

RANGWASA3 At Rangwasa Institute of Bio-Village, we provide Agricultural Training. Training to Farmers Agro Services and Agriculture Departmental extension official Training Services that we render are driven with the approach to ensure high growth rate for the farmers.

Our agricultural education and research, imparted in the State Agricultural Universities are restricted only to growing a few cash crops like wheat, rice, soybean, cotton, vegetables etc. It is imperative to research on our traditional corps, which was developed by our sagas like Parashar, Kashyap, Varahmihir, Soorpal, Sarangdhar, etc. These crops can stand the vagaries of nature like low water availability, climate change, global warming etc. Besides, the organically grown crops also serve as medicines. The cottage industries such as soap making, cotton fabric weaving, pickles, ropes, handicrafts, potteries etc. were derived from crops.


We are teaching following things at our institute :

  • Preparing inputs like compost, plant protection liquids made from neighborhood resources like cow dunk, cow urine, crop residues jaggery or rotten fruits etc.
  • Crop related cottage industries like peanut butter, soap, shampoo
  • Multiple cropping for farmers own consumption to reduce their dependencies on market
  • Organic farming and marketing in cities
  • Vermi culture Biotechnology
  • Improved stoves and electricity from available natural resources

Many distinguished visitors from India and abroad visited our centre. Nearly 200 farmers from M.P. and Rajasthan have been trained by our institute.