Giloy - Miracle Herb

Health Benefits

We have started reading news regarding Dengue , Swine Flue , Malaria is spreading in daily news papers....How can we increase Immunity to fight against these diseases ? Giloy is one of the best solution for this.

What is Giloy ? Giloy is a perennial climbing herb which is also known as Amrita because of it's numerous medicinal properties. The stem and leaves are used in medicinal preparations. It is bitter in taste. It has gained tremendous popularity when it was said that it can cure Swine Flu.

Organic Giloy benefits :

It prevents Swine Flu.

Enhances Immunity, Giloy is a rejuvenating agent, due to its anti oxidant properties it enhances the efficiency of white blood cells and thereby boosts immunity system of the body.

It removes toxin from liver, kidneys and anti-bacterial agent. It also helps to fight against diseases related to liver , urinary track infection.

Treatment of Chronic Fever : It is used as anti-pyretic agent , Giloy is used for treatment of dengue and malaria.It increases blood platelet count.

Treatment of Diabetes : It is an effective hypogecimic agent. It can reduce blood sugar and lipid levels. It is very useful in treating type -2 diabetes.

Stress Reliever : It is an adaptogenic herb, as it can relieve mental stress.

Cure Allergy : If you are suffering from any kind of skin diseases if giloy juice is taken with neem and amla it is very effective.

Treatment of Skin Diesease : Giloy Juice combined with Neem and Amla can be used for skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis.

Treatment of Digestive Disorder/Constipation: Giloy juice taken with buttermilk is ideal for indigestion and piles. Giloy along with jaggery helps to relieve constipation.

Giloy along with ginger powder is useful in rheumatoid arthritis.

Recent studies conveys that fresh juice of the plant is very beneficial is the treatment and prevention of cancer.

It is known to promote memory and longevity, by curbing oxidative destruction to cells and removing toxins to brain cells.

It is an anti-aging agent and keeps us young.

Recommended Dosage :

Giloy can be used in powdered , extract or water based solution forms. Required dosage is 1-2 gms (dry ), 1-2 ml ( juice ), 50-100ml (water based) on daily basis.

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