Why Eat Millets?

Health Benefits

Organic Millets are the best food grain collection, which are rich in proteins, fiber, minerals and other forms of vitamins and minerals. These are the traditional grains which are now become important part of our daily diet.

Benefits of Millets:

  • Millet is alkaline and it digests easily.
  • Magnesium in millets help to reduce the effects of migraines and heart attacks.
  • Millets Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk.
  • Prevent Gallstones.
  • Millet varieties show high antioxidant activity.
  • Protective against childhood Asthma.
  • Cardiovascular benefits for Postmenopausal Women.
  • Finger Millet and Barnyard Millet are excellent in case of Jaundice.
  • Millets acts as a prebiotic feeding microflora in your inner ecosystem.
  • Millet is a smart carb with lots of fiber and low simple sugars. Because of this it has a relatively low glycemic index and has been shown to produce lower blood sugar levels than wheat or rice.
  • Vitamin B3 in Millets can help lower cholesterol.
  • Millet consumption decreases triglycerides and C-reactive protein.
  • Millets are useful in preventing cardiovascular disease.
  • Millets are rich in photochemicals including phytic acid, which is believed to lower cholesterol, and phytate, which is associated with reducing cancer risks.
  • Millet's high protein content makes is a substantial addition to a vegetarian diet
  • Foxtail Millet cures Typhoid and Pneumonia.
  • Millets are beneficial in anti-ageing, nervous system, strengthening bones.
  • Millets are gluten-free and non-allergenic. A great grain for sensitive individuals.
  • Finger Millet/Ragi tops in antioxidant activity among common Indian foods.
  • Millets hydrate your colon to keep you away from being constipated and also from ulcer or colitis.