How We Support Natural and Chemical Free Farming

From the world of farmer suicides oweing to chemical fertilizers we graduate to this cozy network of 20-25 farmers practicing  natural farming.

Jaivik Setu brings you this little world of farmers who were struggling for recognition and appropriate market evaluation into a social network.

Jaivik Setu is that platform wherein the farmers practicing natural farming shake hands with environmentalists and agriculturists and exchange takes place on best farming practices and effective pest control mechanisms without the use of chemicals. Consumers who appreciate the value of natural agriculture buy directly from farmers at Jaivik Setu through Haat organized here. Vegetables as well as  foodgrains, which are certified for true value at the retail outlet at Jaivik Setu are sold directly to consumers.

Natural products come with a world of benefits to consumers and producers and the entire supply chain besides the associated land, air and water and the environment in general.

There exists a set of farmers who do the hardwork behind natural and find themselves short of appropriate visibility. They face conventional markets despite the tedious labour of true natural practices and fall short of yield yet sell at conventional market value. This scenario compels such farmers to return to chemical farming and the viscious circle of conventional farming.

There also exists this group of 20-25 farmers from MP, Maharashtra & Gujarat who are uplifted from the vice by Jaivik Setu and gain an enriching market access, knowledge and the respect.

Come be part of this network and enjoy. dwell into the benefits of natural agricultural products at Jaivik Setu

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  1. Siddharth lodhi says:

    I am also an organic farmer from M.P. and i am finding a market where i get the benefit of my hard work because in villages nd near towns i dont get the market for organic product. I found u on google if u help me i will be thankful.

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